August 27, 2012



Victoria, B.C., August 24 & 25, 2012...........Dave Hemrich of Delta, B.C. had the most successful night of his racing career this past Saturday as he won the Reg Midgley Memorial Canada 200 and the ASA Advance Testing BC Late Model Tour championship on the same night at Western Speedway in Victoria.
The 43 year old is now a two time winner of the Canada 200 (he also won in 2007) but the ASA BC title is the first series championship of his career.  Neither accomplishment came easily for Hemrich as he started the race 14th in the 22 car field and came into the weekend 35 points behind Tom Berrow in the season point standings.
When asked in the winner's circle interview what he was going to do next Hemrich shouted, "I'm going to Disneyland!"  He went on to say, "I knew we had a good chance to win the race but I honestly thought the championship would be tough to get because of the big point lead Tom had.  This is by far the biggest night of my racing career."  The victory celebration with his wife, two children, parents and crew went on for many hours after the race.
It was a dramatic 200 lap event because there were two great races to watch-the race for the first Reg Midgley Memorial trophy and the race for the season championship.  Langley's  Jason Tarasenko and Hemrich quickly worked their way to the front of the field and for about 150 of 200 laps they were never separated by more than a few car lengths.  And for much of that time Berrow was in third place.
Tarasenko took the lead on lap 31 and then for the middle portion of the race (laps 80-122) he led Hemrich and Berrow around the flat 4/10 mile oval.  On lap 123 Hemrich got by Tarasenko and the top three remained Hemrich over Tarasenko and Berrow until lap 160 when Berrow dropped out of the top five and his championship hopes began to fade.
Tarasenko got back around Hemrich for the lead on lap 176 with Victoria's Wade Bland now up to third.  With the crowd on its feet the top three weaved in and out of traffic for the final 25 laps.  On lap 197 Hemrich again got by Tarasenko and this time it was for good as he led the final three laps for the $1,500 payday aboard his Hemrich Brothers Garage-Harding Motorsports Supply-Richmond Racing Engines Chevrolet Impala.  Bland snuck by Tarasenko at the checkered flag to take second spot.  Two time Canada 200 champ Korbin Thomas charged back to finish fourth after suffering two flat tires early in the race.  Brent Morris rounded out the top five finishers.
With Hemrich winning the race Berrow needed to finish sixth or better to claim the championship.  Berrow ended up ninth and Hemrich won the title by just five points.  Bland was third  ahead of Thomas and Geoff Morris who were tied for fourth overall in the final season standings.
Year number two is now complete for Canada's only ASA sanctioned series.  Thanks to everyone for a great 2012 season and we look forward to seeing you in 2013.
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Friday, August 24

Fast time:  Dave Hemrich 17.223
Heat 1:  (20 laps)  Dave Hemrich, Brent Morris, Cody Aumen, Jason Frost, Otto Bahati, Aaron Wilkie, Bart Smith, Brad Purdy, Tom Garnett, Rory Smith, Darrell Midgley.
Heat 2:  (20 laps)  Tom Berrow, Korbin Thomas, Wade Bland, Brandon Carlson, Jason Tarasenko, Tyler Clough, Kirt Rompain, Geoff Morris, Nik Wiesselmann, Rob Angus, Doug Richens.

Saturday, August 25

B Dash: (4 laps)  Tom Garnett, Doug Richens, Tyler Clough, Otto Bahati.
A Dash: (4 laps)  Brandon Carlson, Dave Hemrich, Geoff Morris, Bart Smith.
Feature: (200 laps)  Hemrich, Bland, Tarasenko, Thomas, B Morris, Carlson, B Smith, Frost, Berrow, Aumen, Clough, Bahati, Angus, Garnett, Rompain, G Morris, Wilkie, Purdy, Richens, Midgley,
                             R Smith, Wiesselmann.

Lap leaders:  Frost (1-19) Thomas (20-30) Tarasenko (31-122) (176-196)  Hemrich (123-175) (197-200)
Time of race:  1:44:51

2012 Final Points

1-Dave Hemrich     351  (1 win-Victoria)
2-Tom Berrow        346  (1 win-Penticton)
3-Wade Bland        300  (1 win-Saratoga)
4-Korbin Thomas    277  (1 win-Agassiz)
   Geoff Morris        277  (1 win-Penticton)